Best places to hunt Pokemon in Madison Wisconsin

Best places to hunt pokemon in Madison, WI

  • Northport Drive by the PDQ (I caught a dragonite here)
  • Warner Park (by the colorful building)
  • Dog park at Warner Park (used to be a vulpix nest, now a jiggly puff nest)
  • Lake Mendota boat launch area by Warner Park 
  • Old University Drive (I caught a lapras here)
  • Linden Drive (I caught a snorlax here)
  • Memorial Union (there's a rare spawn area here)
  • Observatory Drive (so many good pokemon here)
  • Brittingham Park (used to be Abra nest but now machop)
  • Downtown Madison (seems to be an eevee nest now and drowzee)
  • State Street (lots of spearrows)
  • Monona (by the sails and Original House of Pancakes)
  • Henry Vilas Zoo (hit or miss bulbasaur)
  • McKee Farm Park (bulbasaur)
  • Picnic Point (seel)
  • Olbrich Gardens parking lot (bell sprout)
  • Arboretum Drive (magikarp, psyduck, poliwag)

Places you don't want to Pokemon Hunt

  • Hudson Park (there's many racist people who live in this neighborhood)

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