Bollywood and Goth photos with my sisters

I had such a fun day with my sisters (Song, Myra, mom, cousin Katherina, sister in law Nancy)!!!!!!! My sister Song went to India last year for a business trip and bought us all beautiful indian sarees. We didn't have the traditional Indian jewelry, so we had to improvise.  My sister Song was our stylist! She glammed us up for this photo shoot.  She did a great job!!!!!

I took these photos with my Nikon Nikkor 85 mm f/1.4G lens. I just absolutely love the bokeh!!!!!! (the tiny circles / particles).

This is a picture of my cousin Katherina. She's stunning!!!!

I love this shot!

Me, Katherina, Song, mom, Myra



My beautiful sister in law Nancy

Goth girls - Myra, Song, Annie, Katherina, Nancy

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I grew up watching India movies with my cousins. It must be a Hmong women secret fetish :) Is Golden Fireflies Photography your business? You're a busy bee developing apps, being a mom, and photography! I notice most Hmong girls don't smile with teeth. I have weird gap teeth with minimal underbite so no one wants to see lol. I don't notice anyone else in my family with an underbite so I think maybe it's because when I was younger I fell on my face ;)

Hi Aneko, haha I do have a secret crush with Bollywood movies. I love Shahrukh Khan as an actor! My uncle Su Thao (grandpa actually, but he's my great uncle) used to translate Indian movies into Hmong and I watched a lot of them growing up too.  My mom is the voice of a lot of the Hmong dubbed Indian movies. LOL!

Golden Fireflies LLC is my personal business.  I do iOS mobile app development, web development, and photography under that business license for digital services.  I also am a full time web developer. I work a lot, I guess!  My son is grown up now so I fill my time with doing things that I love and also try to find time for my passion -- FOOD!

I show teeth in photos sometimes but often times I try not to cos then my eyes get squinty lol and my cheeks puff out.  I will try to smile more the next time I take photos haha.

Do you have a website or blog?  If so, please share so that I can learn more about you! :-)

My website has been on hiatus but I'll send you the link as soon as I'm done. It'll be awesome to get peer feedback :) I do the squiny eyes and puffy cheeks too, but I try to be aware so I try to not go so puffy =D 

I've been eyeing the 85mm f1.4 too. <3 the pictures and the post processing!

You will love the 85mm f/1.4G lens! OMG it is amazing for portraits! It is expensive glass but totally worth it!

Indian Saree Look Awesome

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