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Hi everyone! I am extremely excited to announce my latest iOS application release called "Hmong Phrases."  This is a very simple application to teach non-Hmong speakers how to say simple conversational phrases in Hmong. You can click a button and play the sound.  Then you can practice how to say it.  The next time you meet a Hmong person, you can surprise and amaze them with the new language skills you just learned!

I decided to make this application because I wanted to teach my Hmong language to other non-native Hmong speakers.  There's been many times I have had friends ask me, "How do you say that in Hmong?"  and I would translate.  So I got this idea to make a very basic and simple to use conversation starter.  I thought it would be helpful to those who want to learn Hmong but didn't know where to start.  Apple makes a very nice iOS platform for developers to get as creative as they want.  Being that there was no app like this in the App Store, I decided to develop and make my mark.  I wanted to connect people to people.  And this is what my app's purpose is.

The real passion behind his project is one that I made for my own personal goals.  I can proudly say that I have achieved something I believed in.  It may not be big, grand, or spectacular, but I made a mark. It doesn't matter if I am the first, the last, the best or the worst.  What matters is the love and passion that went into spending many hours of my evenings and weekends on a project that I believed in.  My sister, Song Vang, help me with the UI designs and my dad helped me translate the phrases.  I put the project and the Objective-C code together.  To me, this is a memorable project because I got to build it with my family.  Even thought they lived 400 miles away from me, I always felt they were close by because we got to collaborate and work together in spirit.  Without their help, I couldn't have done this alone.  Thank you sis, thank you dad!

My dad is the reason why I love technology so much.  Even when we were very young, my dad's love for electronics and computers influenced me as a young girl and even now as a grown woman. You would not think that a young Hmong man from Laos would come to the US, who not even knowing the english language, would fall in love with computers and technology. Well, that was my dad. Long before the internet ever existed, my dad was always a futuristic thinker. He knew something I didn't.  He knew that people needed each other and they will go to any lengths to find one another.  This is true.  No matter how you slice and dice it, we know this is truth.

Being Hmong, means being part of a family.  Our culture and traditions have always included the presence of others.  The way that we have evolved over the past few centuries is amazing and it is also such a very sad story that I will tell another day.  I just wanted to share who I am with you.

Who would have thought that a little hmong girl from Iowa would grow up and learn to love computers, programming, technology, mobile phones, and have so much fun making Hmong food tutorials on Youtube? Hahaha.... I am having a good time and will keep on rocking it!

Kind regards,


Awesome job annie, so happy, i'm definitely sharing this everywhere I can. My friends can finally download this app and learn hmong when i'm not there giving them a lesson when I can't pronounce every word correctly lol.

Hi kv, thanks so much for your support! Your comment really means a lot to me. :-) Thank you!

Freaking cool, love it*


Hi,I stumbled onto your youtube Hmong cooking videos.  They're a lifesaver!  Anyway, this is quite an interesting idea.  My husband (non Hmong) could definitely use this. I was wondering if you'd consider stretching the idea and doing a whole Hmong dictionary/translation app?  I'm not sure if it's already out there, but if not, it would be quite an interesting avenue to venture.  Good luck with your app developments!  I'm definitely look forward to more Hmong recipes as well! 

I do have some updates planned but just been pressed for time to get them to the App Store.  Thanks for your support.

Thanks for sharing your recipes and app! It's great to finally find another Hmong woman that is passionate about technology, web, and computers. I thought I was the only one for the longest time. I played Oregon Trail in elementary school, learned BASIC in highschool, and took digital art classes in 1995.  I took my first real college programming class and I barely even knew how to use a mouse lol. 

Cool. Glad to meet another programmer!

Hi this apps is really cool but the sound does not work. Is there going to be an update because the ability to listen to the words was one of the most helpful parts of the app.thanks

Hi there, you have to turn on the volume and make sure that the ringer is ON. If the ringer is on vibe, the sound will not play.  Hope this helps.

Only for apple? Anything for Android coming out soon? :D

No, I haven't programmed anything for Android.

technology affects us so profoundly these days. its great that you made this app. i'm going to go and find it on my phone right now and will def spread the word! keep doing well in life, in cooking, and in blogging! love what you have to share!

Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words.

Hi Annie. I recently moved to Madison from DC and left my good friend who cooks all my Hmong dishes back there. Imagine how happy I was when I stumbled upon your website, ecstatic more like it. I love it! I find little recipes online here and there but none done quite as well as you have done here. My in-laws, who are Caucasian, keep asking me to cook them a genuine Hmong meal and I've been able to sway them off b/c while my husband and I lived in DC they were here in WI. But now I have no more excuses. So using your recipes I was finally able to cook them a meal, and they raved all about it. Thank you! And now, you've got this App too. I have two little boys (4 and 1 years old) and have been wanting to teach them Hmong especially since my mom speaks very little English, but my Hmong is limited and I find myself searching for the correct phrase, reverting from Hmong to English in the same sentence. Your App will definitely help. Got a few questions...any plans to put together an App to do the reverse? My husband is always trying to converse with some of my older Hmong family and he could really benefit from Hmong translation to English. Also, where can I get a good bowl of pho in the area, among other things? I don't have any family here and don't really know any Hmong people here either so if you have any secrets to share about Madison, please do. And finally, where are you from in Iowa? I grew up in Des Moines and moved out to DC in '99. I was tickled when you mentioned you were from Iowa. :)

Hi Nicci, thanks for commenting.  You live in Madison now?  Cool! Maybe someday we'll run into each other.  I do have plans to upgrade my app. I do hope to do a release soon but I've been tied up working on my other projects.  For pho, I've kind of given up on it in Madison.  Ha Long Bay on Williamson Street offers pho.  But their quality has declined over the past year so I don't go there anymore.  Last week I went to Saigon Noodles on Odana Road and was a bit disappointed that my noodle didn't taste like the normal.  I think pho is probably best home made because then you can add whatever you like.  I might do a pho tutorial someday.  I am originally from Pella, Iowa.  I used to also live in Des Moines for a short period of time when I was a little girl.  Nice to meet another Iowa girl!!!! Do keep in touch.

With havin so much written content do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright infringement? My blog has a lot of exclusive content I've either created myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my agreement. Do you know any ways to help protect against content from being ripped off? I'd truly appreciate it.

That's good i like your apps.Your apps is so helpful for me,thank's.

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Hi i young man hmong in lao i like computer program but i don't nkow how to do itsorry i'm not very good at english can i write hmong laugage :kv nyiam sau app tiam sis peb teb chaws tsis vam meej ntshe yuav kawm tsis tau es koj pua kam recommended kuv yauv ua li cas peb hmong thiaj li vam meej li luag

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