Testing out my new Nikon D7000

I hired my niece Ashley to help be my model for the day. Afterwards, I treated her out to eat sushi and bento at Takumi in Madison, WI.  We took these photos at the UW Arboretum on a semi-cloudy June day around 6 p.m. in the evening.  This was taken with a Nikkor 50mm AF-S  f/1.4G lens.


Love the pictures and camera

Wow, beautiful camera and photos.

I'm really liking the photo quality of that camera! How does it do for sports shots and when you don't have a steady hand?

I usually use a tripod when I don't have a steady hand.  I haven't tested this camera with sports shots, but I have taken pictures of fast moving cars.  As long as  your settings are properly set, the camera  produces great pictures.

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