Ben and Nyab Ben's Baby Shower

I'm going to be a grandma!  These are photos of the baby shower I threw for my son Ben and his wife Mollie.  They will be welcoming a baby boy in mid April. I hope you enjoy these photos of their celebration.  

I hand made all the decorations. My sister Song and sister in law Nancy drove down from Minnesota to help me decorate.  I rented the Warner Community Center for four hours on February 18, 2017.  It was a very nice room and we had a good time.


My sewing obsession

Sewing has always been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. We were poor growing up. My sisters and I didn't have a lot of clothes to wear. Most of my clothes were hand me downs from my aunt Molly and from the salvation army. I learned and accepted at an early age that we were poor and that was just the way it was.  Most of my imagination of dresses and things beautiful were all in my mind and transferred onto a paper notebook that I kept in my backback.  I too, wanted to wear beautiful dresses but when I was young I knew it was a far distant dream.

When I was in junior high school, my mom had an old sewing machine desk. I don't even remember how or where she got it. The very first hand made gift my mom ever gave me was a tote bag. It was made of blue and green fabric with a computer desktop pattern. I carried that bag around because it was the coolest thing. A first gift from my mom and it made me happy. I've cherished those memories.  I wish I still had that tote bag.

I first learned to sew on my mom's sewing machine. I only knew how to sew in a straight line and could never really make anything.  We didn't have money so I just sewed from scraps of fabrics and old clothes that I could not wear anymore.  I just liked how it felt to sew and put two pieces of fabric together.  The very first project I sewed from beginning to end was a dog faced pillow made out of felt in my home economics class. I was so proud of that pillow. It made me feel so good that I could create something that gave me joy and made me so happy.  I also sewed my first green "christmas tree" dress at Upward Bound and modeled it in a project showcase. I call it my christmas tree dress because it was made of green satin with lace notions on the edges.  I couldn't follow a pattern so it was free form dress making.

..... Fast forward to today.  I started to feel nostalgic and started drifting back into unfinished business of my desires and hopes when I was  a kid and things I've always wanted to do but never had the chance to do it.  Over the years, I would start a sewing project only to get sidetracked and start on other things.  So one day in December, I started my bag creation journey.

I started making bags, totes, and wallets. I don't have a pattern that I follow, I just make it up as I go along. With each bag, I get better and more efficient in the bag creation process.

I own a Pfaff Smart sewing machine that I bought 7 years ago at a local sewing store in Madison. The store is now no longer there. Haha, I know because I drove by it a few weeks go to find some supplies and it was gone.

I also own a Singer Pro Finish Serger that my hubby bought me as a belated Christmas present just recently. I love it. It is great and is a real time saver!

I made this wrist wallet for my sister Song. She told me she needed a way be hands free and also have a way to carry cash, keys, and simple items.  She told me about this wrist wallet concept and this is my creation from that. It's fastened together by velcro.  It is made of my sister's old black t-shirt.

I made these hmong inspired bags because I was trying to make a bag that represents who I am as a person and my roots.  They are pretty basic and simple. They are original creations by me.  The bag in the lower right was given to Xia, as a prize for coming to my Yumaholic app launch and Scentsy party.

These bags were made because I was experimenting and having fun.  The bag in the lower right was given to Leigh, as a prize for coming to my Yumaholic app launch and Scentsy party.  The bag on the lower left was given to my friend Michele as her party prize too!