ipad 2

iPad 2 vs iPad

I need to take a picture of my iPad 2 and iPad side by side. Pictures are coming!

Overall, the iPad 2 is slimmer, faster, and has 2 cameras. Other than that, it is not much different than the first generation iPad. Side by side, you can't really tell them apart unless you pay close attention to the tiny details.

Camera (front and back)

The iPad 2 cameras are not that impressive. Depending on your light source, it can vary anywhere from garbage to decent. I've tried Facetime on the iPad 2 and the quality is decent.


The iPad 2 is much lighter than the first generation iPad. Its body is also much slimmer.


The speakers are also much better on the iPad 2. They are much louder!


For some memory consuming apps, the iPad 2 is faster than the iPad. However, running the same apps as I had on my first gen iPad, there wasn't much of a difference. I guess it really depends on your apps.

HDMI output

I tested my iPad 2 on my tv and it's awesome that I can project my screen onto the big screen. However, I noticed that some in some applications, the audio does not output to the tv. Not sure why?

Magnetic Covers

I bought the leather magnetic cover. It only protects the front of the iPad 2. It is kind of flimsy and doesn't stand really well. I kind of miss my old InCase cover for the first gen iPad.