iphone 4s

How to make beef larb the Hmong way

This is a video I recorded using my iPhone 4S.  We went to a family gathering (spirit calling ceremony) for some relatives and my hubby was tasked to make some beef larb.  I decided to make a video of this because some people may be interested in learning about how Hmong make their larb.  My hubby is the one in the orange shirt in the video :-)  This dish shown here can feed up to 100 people.  Hmong family gatherings are usually very large and there is always a ton of food and goodies!

Hope you enjoy the video. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or comment on Youtube.  Please subscribe to our youtube channel!


iPhone 4S and Siri not responding

I got my iPhone 4S on Friday, October 14th.  I really LOVE it! Out of the box, it wasn't too hard to set up.  I just followed Apple's step by step instructions to activate the phone.  But I also then still needed to connect the phone to my mobile carrier, Verizon. It took me 4 tries to activate the mobile service because Verizon kept disconnecting me. I had to call Verizon Customer Service to help me activate the phone.  Thanks to Klout, they sent me a free Proof iPhone 4 case a few months ago from Klout Perks.  I was hanging onto it until I got this phone and it fit perfectly!!! Thanks Klout for the free iPhone case!

I've played around with Siri and tried to train her with information about myself.  One thing I don't like about Siri so far is that she doesn't respond all the time.  Siri does not respond, hangs, and then presents me various message that she doesn't undersand me or cannot connect to the network.  I have to go into Settings > General > Siri and turn Siri off.  Then I turn her back on using the switch "On".  So far, I've had to do this like 30+ times now because she can't connect to the network or is having problems understanding me.  I don't know if other people are experiencing the same thing as me.  If you are, let me know what you are doing to solve this issue!

I'm so happy to be leaving my old Motorola Droid first generation phone behind. It was slow and ate my battery life away.  I've been taking pics, video recording stuff, and playing with all my apps.  Oh I soooo love my new iPhone 4S!!!!!