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Where to eat pho in Madison WI

This picture was taken on my Droid phone at Ha Long Bay, 1353 Williamson Street, Madison, WI.  This place has a variety of asian dishes ranging from Vietnamese, Lao, and Thai.  I was craving for some pho and since Ha Long Bay is the closest Vietnamese restaurant closest to me, I drove down to Williamson Street despite that the street was under construction.  In this picture, I ordered "PH8", it is the deluxe pho that comes with flank steak, meatballs, soft tendons, and tripe.  This is before I added any of the condiments. 

These are my favorite condiments:  (adjust the amount to fit your tastebuds)

  • lemon
  • beansprouts
  • basil leaf
  • jalepeno peppers
  • sriracha sauce
  • hoison sauce
  • sugar
  • fish sauce
  • crushed peanuts

Another place to eat pho is at Saigon Noodles, 6754 Odana Road, Madison, WI on Madison's west side.  I love this place too, but it is far to drive across town sometimes when traffic is bad. 

You can also eat pho at Lee's Bistro, 4604 Monona Drive, Madison WI.  The pho is okay here, but they didn't have many condiments to go with my pho and the portions were small.

Overall, I like Ha Long Bay and Saigon Noodles. If you want some Vietnamese Tri Color dessert, you'll have to drive to Saigon Noodles.  That is the only place in the Madison area that sells the best tri color dessert!