Flat Annie Goes to WWDC

Flat Annie goes to WWDC because real Annie didn't win the lottery this year from Apple. Many thanks to my friend and co-worker Bill Calkins for taking these wonderful photos and taking Flat Annie to all the cool developer sessions.  This was Bill's lucky year.  He was selected in the lottery to attend Apple's World Wide Developer Conference. 

I've been waiting to go since 2009 when I first became a licensed Apple iOS developer.  Apple hosts WWDC every year and the ticket costs $1599.  In the first few years I didn't have the money to pay for the expenses, then when I saved up the money to go the tickets sold out within a minute online, and then the following year Apple implemented their lottery system to select winners and charge your credit card for the ticket price.  I haven't been selected yet but I am hoping that 2017 will be my lucky year.  So I'm putting this out there in the UNIVERSE, Please PICK ME!!!! God, please pick me next year! 

Back in April, I was pretty sad when I got the rejection email. The sting still feels as real as it was on that day. I was sitting at Woodman's, a local grocery store. As I read the rejection email in the car, my heart broke into a million pieces again just like the year before. I had not been selected AGAIN. I scoured Twitter to see who had gotten the golden ticket. While I was congratulating everyone who got selected, I also felt sorrow for all the developers who were like me and missed the boat.  

The next day when I went to work, Bill was such a nice guy, he asked me if there was anything he could do for me ... and that's when I asked him if he would be willing to take "Flat Annie" with him.  Bill looked at me and I told him the concept of Flat Annie aka Stanley was a paper doll that is the cheap travel companion for the person who could not be there in real life.  Bill was very kind and he agreed to take my Flat Annie.

Then my heart lifted just a bit off the ground, Flat Annie would attend in my place.  A dream I've been waiting so very long for. These wonderful photos are of Flat Annie's travels with Bill at WWDC. She had a great adventure at the airport, at the keynote, waiting for coffee, walking the hallway of the Moscone, and waiting in line at the women's restroom.... 

WWDC next year REAL Annie is hoping to see you.